About Us

We are a unique Green Bay, WI florist that sources flowers grown around the world as well as on our own flower farm.  We believe there is some magic involved in the creation of something as perfect as a peony, and we feel honored to be a part of the magic that turns flora into feelings.


Petal Pusher

Affectionately known as "The Push" to those that love it, Petal Pusher was started in 1992 by Todd Trimberger in Allouez, WI.  Nichole Campbell joined the team in 1998, and in 2006 took ownership of the business, along with the help and support of her husband Shawn.  They chose to focus on the aspects of the business that Nichole was most passionate about (the flowers, of course!)  After being contacted by the Broadway District, Petal Pusher relocated downtown in 2014 (best business decision ever!)  In 2015 they were able to realize a dream and further expand with the purchase of 26 acres to begin their own flower farm (Petal Pusher Gardens), where they grow fresh cut flowers, sustainably source natural materials and find endless botanical inspiration.  Petal Pusher is a full service florist providing everything from daily deliveries to large scale events to incredibly custom wedding work. They source locally from their own farm as well as two other local growers, in addition to sourcing globally off of the Dutch flower auction and around the world. Their design style focuses on the natural and organic with a touch of the whimsical, and they are every bit as likely to love a tendril as a tulip.


Nichole Campbell, Owner and Lead Designer

My love of all things botanical started with my very first job in a floral shop during high school. That love grew as I completed my bachelor's degree in plant biology at UWGB and continued working in both the retail and wholesale side of the industry. A trip to explore the Netherlands and the honor of working with some amazingly creative people cultivated that love, and I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to become a part of the amazing story and place that is Petal Pusher. When I'm not tiptoeing through the tulips, you're likely to find me cuddled up at home with my furry family, Shawn (husband-actually not that furry), Bonsai (dog), Hops, Juniper and Linux (all cats-and all furry!)

Favorite Flower...  Roses.  They're a classic for a reason!
Favorite Color...  Green.
Favorite Food...  Cheese in all forms.
Favorite Beverage before Noon...  Coffee.  Black.
Favorite Beverage after Noon...  Wine.  In any color.
Cats or Dogs...  Cats.  Just don't tell my dog.
I Love To...  Wander our Petal Pusher Garden with a time of day appropriate beverage in hand and just appreciate and admire.
My Super Power is...  Making Lists.  


Shawn Campbell, Owner and Wearer of Many Hats

Hi, I'm Shawn... During the day I work as a Network Engineer at KI (22 years).  In the evenings and weekends, I transform into the HR, bookkeeper, flower grower and tech support person of The Push.  I live with my wife (Nichole Campbell) and our furry family of 3 cats and 1 dog.  When I am not at KI or helping The Push, I enjoy the time we spend at Petal Pusher Gardens and our cabin in Goodman-just relaxing, exploring, cooking and escaping reality.

Favorite Flower...  Amaranthus.  They are big, fuzzy and cool.
Favorite Color...  Blue
Favorite Food...  Anything interesting.
Favorite Beverage before Noon...  Tea
Favorite Beverage after Noon...  Gin and tonic
Cats or Dogs...  Dogs. Sorry Juniper, Linux, Hops and Pippa.
I Love To...  Travel to see new places, try interesting food and experience the local culture and people.
My Super Power is...  Planning and scheduling ALL events in Google calendars.


Pippa Pepper, Itty Bitty Flower Shop Kitty

I was found as a stray on Chestnut, which is located just behind Petal Pusher. I was in pretty rough shape and spent a few months recuperating at Wisconsin Humane Society, before my shop ladies adopted me in October of 2017. Now I live the high life, complete with my own staff--really, this place came with a staff! (When they aren't attending to my every whim they do some stuff with flowers.) I even have my own business cards and am social media savvy, where you'll find me on Facebook and Instagram.

Favorite Flower...  Locally grown organic 'Windswept Wowie' catnip.  I'm a bit of a connoisseur.
Favorite Color...  Orange, preferably with stripes.
Favorite Food...  Nickel Nuggets.  Or whatever my shop ladies are eating for lunch.
Favorite Beverage before Noon...  The gravy on my wet food.
Favorite Beverage after Noon...  The gravy on my wet food.
Cats or Dogs...  I refuse to even acknowledge this question with a response.
I Love To...  Nap. Stretch. Eat. Repeat.
My Super Power is...  My extreme cuteness.


Christy Lasee, Floral Designer

I started at Petal Pusher in October of 2016, but my love of flowers, and nature has been a growing passion for years. So much so, I've chosen to get an associates degree in landscape horticulture (which I am  currently working on.)  I  was thrilled to find myself with the opportunity to create among others with the same appreciation for beauty in the natural & organic. On the off chance I'm not doing something plant or floral related, I like to kayak, hula hoop dance, and go camping with my boyfriend (Zak), and our Corgi (Queenie). Our cats (Tammy & Munchi) are too high class for camping

Favorite Flower...  Dahlias with so many different shapes, and colors, whats not to love?
Favorite Color...  Green, or purple, depending on the day.
Favorite Food...  Tacos of any kind.
Favorite Beverage before Noon...  Tea
Favorite Beverage after Noon...  Homemade Margaritas.
Cats or Dogs...  More like Cats AND Dogs!
I Love To...  Rescue orphan plants.
My Super Power is...  Internal GPS


Diane Giese, Floral Designer

Hi, My name is Diane!  Most of the time you can find me working in a dental office as a dental hygienist. There are many times throughout the year that I am able to help out at “The Push." I had the opportunity to join them several years ago, my first ever event was an outdoor wedding. It was an extremely blustery day; so windy we could not work during the day. “The Push” family rallied together and worked all night. I had so much fun and froze (brrr!) that I couldn’t wait to help again. You will find me in the store helping, talking to our fresh flowers, taking care of customers, delivering flowers or helping to set up an event; but most importantly taking care of Ms .Pippa Pepper. I am still happy to do whatever is needed or learn something new. With my husband, Steve, fur babies, family and friends I enjoy camping, sunrises, sunsets, coffee, traveling, bonfires, and get togethers. I especially enjoy when I can work in my flower garden with the music playing and my dogs, Jasper and Meeko helping. Baloo and Bagheera (our cats) supervise from the window; they would never get mud on their paws. 

Favorite Flower...  Tulips first, then all the rest of the flowers 
Favorite Color...  Most days, pinks and blues with sparkles 
Favorite Food...  Ribeye steak over the campfire, well almost anything over the campfire 
Favorite Beverage before Noon...  Coffee with REAL half n half 
Favorite Beverage after Noon...  Vodka with good lemonade, splash of cranberry and a fresh lime 
Cats or Dogs...  Cats, wait. dogs, wait. cats, wait. dogs, wait, cats, wait. dogs, or for heaven's sakes. I don't want to decide. 
I Love To...  Do almost anything with my husband, Steve
My Super Power is...  My smile 


Hannah Lindbo, Floral Designer

I have always loved flowers! I have very special memories of helping my parents with the gardens around the old farmhouse I grew up in. I was always putting together little bouquets of peonies, zinnias, lilacs, lily of the valley, and tulips for my teachers and neighbors. Working with flowers and using my creative gift was always my dream job and something I never thought I would actually be lucky enough to do!  I started at The Push in May 2018 and will forever be grateful to Nichole and the rest of the team for allowing me to step into this fascinating world of flowers and every other fabulous thing that goes along with it. Aside from Petal Pusher, I work with another great team in a hospital pharmacy, but at the end of the day the best thing is retreating home to my husband Ben, our 2 daughters, Ava and Emme, and our dog, Harrison. When there are spare moments I enjoy refinishing furniture, gardening, kayaking and enjoying the outdoors with friends and family.

Favorite Flower...  Anemone & Ranunculus. 
Favorite Color...  Blue.
Favorite Food...  Toss up between cherries and mushrooms.
Favorite Beverage before Noon...  Lavender Vanilla Latte.
Favorite Beverage after Noon...  Whiskey old fashioned sour with cherries.
Cats or Dogs...  Dogs...(only because the ratio of awesome dogs to awesome cats in my life is a factor in this decision...sorry Pippa, you were outnumbered)
I Love To...  Explore new places and go camping with my family. 
My Super Power is...  reading bedtime stories using different voices.


Nicole Wautlet, Floral Designer

I have always had a fascination with plants and animals since a small child growing up on a dairy farm. We had a large garden with veggies and flowers along with a herd of cats and other fun barnyard creatures. I went to college for fine arts and later for horticulture. Thus finding my way to The Push with the perfect combination of creativity, plants & cats! I have been at the Push since 2016 and love every bit of it! When I'm not at Petal Pusher, you may find me tending my plants at home, doing one of many creative projects on my list, frolicking in the outdoors or watching movies with my partner in crime, my boyfriend, Keith.

Favorite Flower...  Protea. Tropical and funky!
Favorite Color...  Green.
Favorite Food...  Sushi. All & any types. Yum!
Favorite Beverage before Noon...  Coffee. In various & any concoctions.
Favorite Beverage after Noon...  beer, wine, or a cocktail-season and mood dependent!
Cats or Dogs...  Cats; but both are lovely.
I Love To...  Hike, bike, kayak, road trip, travel.
My Super Power is...  Creating a great dinner out of leftovers or food in pantry & fridge. Waste not, want not.


Rylee Osterberg, Floral Designer

Growing up, I was affectionately deemed as "the family florist" because I would sneak around our neighborhood from yard to yard uprooting any beautiful bud I could find. Drawn to all things fresh and beautiful, I found myself at Petal Pusher post-culinary school. My love of the culinary arts and gardening translates into naturally precise works of art with lots of flow. When I'm not at Petal Pusher, I can be found working events at Green Bay Botanical Garden, at home cooking meals for family and friends, watching/critiquing movies with my boyfriend Brock, or hoop dancing in my yard.

Favorite Flower...  Iris or sunflowers
Favorite Color...  Yellow
Favorite Food...  Pho
Favorite Beverage before Noon... Coffee. Extra cream and sugar please!
Favorite Beverage after Noon...  Cabernet 
Cats or Dogs...  Cats, of course. 
I Love To...  Take long bike rides around down town Green Bay and enjoy a beverage on the CityDeck.
My Super Power is...  Cat whispering.


Tori Woldt, Floral Designer

My love of any and all things design started early on in my life. Long before I got to high school I knew I wanted to do something with design...originally I started out on a path for Interior Design, and attended Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC).  I met Nichole and the team through an internship with FVTC, and a passion for Floral Design "blossomed".  When I’m not working at my “9-5” job or lending an extra set of hands wherever I can at Petal Pusher, I enjoy being with my family, sewing, kayaking, and watching movies with my kids.  My husband, Brandon, runs a Dairy farm with his parents not too far from Petal Pusher Lodge & Garden, and we have 2 daughters, Rehna and Harlynn, 2 dogs, Kami and Dixie, and a cat named Nala.

Favorite Flower...  Do I have to pick just ONE favorite?
Favorite Color...  Any color of the rainbow, but I’m partial to any shade of blue, aqua, teal, or turquoise
Favorite Food...  A home grown, home cooked steak
Favorite Beverage before Noon...  Coffee or tea
Favorite Beverage after Noon...  Root Beer
Cats or Dogs...  Both! 
I Love To...  spend time with family and enjoy any activity that allows me to get creative
My Super Power is...  being meticulous - I’m a bit of a perfectionist.


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